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“Design is a journey rather than the destination”-This is the core belief of Gaurav Kankariya’s design philosophy. It has led to a dynamic career, premier education and versatile work around the world.Gaurav began his professional journey at the age of 17. He moulded this early beginning into a masterful body of work over a decade. Education and practice have been seamlessly fused into a fine career by him. And the highlight continues to be his ever increasing zest.Celebrity homes, Luxury Residences, Corporates, Retail, Hospitals and Restaurants adorn his portfolio. He thrived in different environments like Ahmednagar, Pune, Mumbai, rest of Maharashtra, Singapore, Korea and China.“God is in the detail” is his mission statement. Gaurav refuses to stick to a favourite style and sculpts his designs according to the unique needs of every client.No matter where he works, he perceives every client and project as a different experience. The distinctive usage of diverse design elements in every project, has now become his signature.His home environment’s creativity also contributes to Gaurav perceiving the design language as his mother tongue. Design characteristics of Italy, China, Dubai, Singapore and Australia inspire his design grammar.He constantly evolved through education. His learning compromises holistic education at premier institutes like MMSID: Pune, Rachana Sansad: Mumbai, and Raffles Design Institute: Singapore.Gaurav’s career is embellished with recognition and international awards from Seoul Metropolitan Government Korea, Interior Designers Association and many more.Luxury and comfort are the principal elements of his design. His process involves not only bettering routines and procedures, but also thoroughly rendering imagination into reality. A network of Architects, Consultants for various services, Designers, Artisans and Photographers enhance Gaurav’s operations. His team and associates constantly shares thoughts and ideas throughout projects.A wide array of clients like Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Corporates, Industrialists, Healthcare and Hospitality Brands keep benefitting from Gaurav’s ideation and design acumen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I browse your design collections?

Due to the extensive library of design items available to us we offer consultations by appointment only. This ensures we give you the best possible service & can prepare & source suitable samples in advance. We ask that you fill the contact form on dezilo.com and book an appointment.

2. Do you offer home consultations?

Yes we do carry out home consultations as part of our interior design process. Please see our range of services for more details.

3. Why should I hire an interior designer?

When hiring an interior designer you are embarking on a valuable journey, utilising skilled professionals who spend dedicated time developing designs & are able to draw upon knowledge with refined capabilities & experience to execute ideas into a reality.

4. Do you have a pre designed design style?

No, our approach is to take each project on its individual merits and prepare a design that understands & interprets a client’s needs and wishes reflecting their individual style taking into consideration lifestyle, personality & aspirations.

5. Do you design residential & commercial schemes?

Yes. Please take a look at our portfolio to see some of the projects we have worked on in the past.

6. Do you design residential & commercial schemes?

Yes. Please take a look at our portfolio to see some of the projects we have worked on in the past.

7. How much will my interior design project cost?

As no two projects are the same, we are unable to give you an exact figure at our first meeting. It is important for you to approach your project with a realistic budget. Once your interior designer understands your requirements they will be able to advise if your budget aligns with your aspirations. It does take time to develop a design and identify the specific costs, once these have been identified we will provide you with a detailed summary and will keep you updated throughout the process so that there are no surprises at the end.

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Utopia by Gaurav Kankariya

Utopia by Gaurav Kankariya

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