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Frequently asked questions

What job seekers frequently asked us ?

How can i use create job from Dezilo ?

We provide a simple easy to use platform which helps you to create multiple job posting specially vetted for candidates, with our plans starting from ₹999 you will get 30 Resumes waiting to be hired

What kind of promotions will you do?

We have a network of over 8000 interior design and architectural job seekers, we will highlight your job listing on our social media pages which you can share as well !

Are you a hiring agency? do you guarantee that i will get a good candidate ?

No Dezilo is not a hiring agency, We Do Not Gaurantee in any way that you will get a good candidate, beware of any kind of person who does false promises like these, Dezilo will help you increase your chances of finding a good candidate as there are hundreds of application for any job

Will i get a job check, can you create a job posting for me?

Yes with our Immediate plans starting from ₹1999, you will get a job check on your existing listing, we will suggest changes to increase your chances of finding your dream candidate!

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RGR Studio


Dezilo has helped us streamline our hiring processes View Jobs

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I did not knew i needed this until i used their social media suite View Jobs

Acme buildcon


Acme Buildcon utilized their ai systems to get us great candidates View Jobs

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